Economic Empowerment for Women - A Reflection & Future Aspirations

In recognition of International Women’s Day last week, BallyCara’s Corporate Services Director, Trudi Ashcroft, took the time to reflect on her own experiences and opportunities within the workforce. Below she shares some ideas on how we, as a society, can support the economic empowerment for women.

The theme for International Women's Day this year was 'Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress'. It got me thinking about economic empowerment for women and how having access to education, employment opportunities, financial services (like banking and credit), land ownership, and technology are critical in generating enough income to support themselves and their families, providing a sense of security and stability as well as opportunities for financial independence, wealth accumulation and intergenerational wealth transfer.

On my path towards economic empowerment there have been many people in my own journey who have been pivotal in building my self-belief, encouraging me to do more and removing those barriers to give me opportunities. There are many strong women, like my mum, my nan, my sisters, my friends, and my work colleagues who collectively educated, encouraged, empowered, and shared their own experiences that propelled me on my journey, and to them I will be forever grateful. There were also those men who shared the belief in equality and empowerment, who gave their support and broke down barriers along the way. I truly, like many of you, believe that I have and will continue to drive economic empowerment for women.

Here at BallyCara we are committed to gender equality with a Board and Senior Leadership Team who inspire and encourage each other, together building an equitable and inclusive community, where opportunities for economic empowerment for all are embraced.

We can all contribute to economic empowerment for women, there is tremendous power in collective effort and action at various levels of society. So, what can we all do to support the girls and women in our lives?

Experience – share your knowledge, passion and experiences, provide networking opportunities, and help them navigate challenges they may face. Offer mentorship, advice, guidance, and support to share their journeys. Help them challenge and confront gender stereotypes and biases in their personal and professional lives, build their financial literacy and confidence.

Encourage – pursuing dreams and careers even when they are in male-dominated industries, challenging traditional gender roles and expectations. Encourage workplace initiatives that promote gender equality, such as mentorship programs, leadership development opportunities, and flexible work arrangements. Promote financial literacy and encourage women to take control of their finances, invest in their futures, and pursue entrepreneurship and financial independence.

Educate - learn about the barriers women face in accessing economic opportunities, including gender discrimination, unequal pay, lack of access to education and financial resources, and cultural norms. Educate others, share articles, resources, and personal stories to spark conversations about these important topics.

Engage - raise awareness about issues related to gender equality and economic empowerment for women. Consider spending money and supporting companies and brands that prioritise gender equality and empower women in their workforce. Hold people accountable for their commitment to equality.

Embrace – celebrate and congratulate those who stand up, those who push away the barriers and those who advocate and champion what is right, who are progressing and leading economic empowerment.


By taking these actions, we can all contribute to creating a more equitable and inclusive world where all women have the opportunity to thrive economically and reach their full potential.

By championing economic empowerment, International Women's Day propels us toward a future where gender parity isn't just a lofty aspiration but a tangible reality, enriching lives, and societies alike. What meaningful change have you made or could you make in the lives of those around you?

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