Safer Internet Day - How to protect you and your family online

The 6th of February marks the 21st edition of Safer Internet Day where millions of people from over 180 countries come "Together for a better internet".

This year the focus is on awareness and online safety issues. While this day was originally born out of an EU initiative for safe borders with a strategy of a better internet for kids, it has grown to be so much more.

It is important for everyone - young and young at heart - to understand how to stay safe while using computers, phones, and other devices, especially while on the internet.


We asked our IT Operations Officer, Dan, what his top tips are for staying safe online.

The below was his response within 30 seconds of asking!


Tips from BallyCara's IT whizz Dan -

    • Choose unique passwords & try to avoid using the same password for everything!

    • Keep your device up to date! Install important updates to reduce security risks!

    • Do not leave your device unattended or unlocked.


For more advice on how to protect yourself online the Australian Government's eSafety Commissioner website has a many useful articles and a range of topics.


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