Seven Tips for Choosing the Best Location to Retire

So you’re about to retire, or perhaps you have been retired for a while but are thinking about moving, or maybe your home costs too much and requires a lot of upkeep as you age. 

Before making any big decisions, it’s important to think about what would be best for you in your golden years. We have gathered seven tips to help you find the best location for your retirement.

1. Start with a list

Before doing any research, start by just throwing down some ideas! Choosing where to retire should be fun, so reach for the stars and write down all the things you would like as part of your retirement home and lifestyle. Think about location, activities, community, and lifestyle; but don’t be limited just yet – we will think about that soon!

2. Consider location

You’ve written down some ideas regarding your dream location. Now you need to think about it a little more closely. The ideal location is more than just what is there – it’s also about who! Do you want to stay local where you have family and friends nearby? Or is it more about getting that relaxed beachy or cosy forest lifestyle you always dreamed of?

3. Assess the cost of living

When you retire, you want to spend money on the things that matter and you shouldn’t have to worry about using your retirement funds for things that don’t. Understanding your budget and where that will go can help you enjoy retirement fully. Take a look at your list and think about what is most important, do some research around retirement costs, and align that with what you can realistically spend.

4. Explore retirement communities

As part of retiring, you may be thinking about how to make life easier as you age. Perhaps you have a big home that requires a lot of upkeep, stairs that are getting difficult to navigate, or want to be around a community of like-minded people – a retirement community has all this and more. You can also benefit from wellness programs and continuum of care options, so if you get sick or have a chronic condition, there is help close by.

5. Consider family and health care

Your health is so important and having the right environment to keep your mental and physical health the best it can be is a big factor in your decision for a place to retire. As mentioned, retirement communities can offer aged care facilities, as well as make it easy for family to visit and spend time with you.

6. Research activities

What will your lifestyle be like when you move? What did you write down on your list? You’re no longer working, so hobbies and extracurricular activities are important for mental health and keeping active. Are there wellness programs for seniors near your chosen retirement location? What activities are on offer if you choose to move to a retirement community?

7. End with another list!

Now you’ve done all your research, it’s time to create a new list based on what you have found. This list should be what you realistically want and can afford, with a few options for locations. Set up pros and cons and narrow it down before making your final decision.

Choosing a new home when you retire can be both exciting and overwhelming. These tips can help you make a start in your research, and if you are ready to take a look at some locations or find out more about wellness programs, why not book a visit to BallyCara in Scarborough? We’d love to show you around!

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